She Moves You offers two tiers of relocation consulting service packages:

  • Tier 1-The Driving Tour: For the folks that want to split up the actual lease signing process until a later date, but are eager to learn more about which neighborhoods would best suit them. Let us show you San Francisco in style and give you valuable feedback and insider tips on the best areas of our City.

  • Tier 2-All Inclusive Lease Signing Package: This is a comprehensive relocation package for those who are ready to tour and secure a lease. We have a preliminary interview in which we discuss your interests, priorities in terms of real estate amenities, and city living. We will take a customized tour of San Francisco to see the neighborhoods that best suit your needs as well as see several homes that match the criteria you have identified as desirable. We’ll show you how to beat out the competition landing you the place you really want!

TOGETHER …we will find the perfect match to make your exciting San Fransisco transition painless and enjoyable.