“When it comes to finding quality rental properties in San Francisco, Wendy is a human tornado. We had limited time and an inclination to find something perfect, quickly. In one afternoon, Wendy found us the perfect apartment, in the perfect location. Wendy’s knowledge of San Francisco is awesome – not just properties but restaurants, places of interest, and other things to know about. Her energy and focus on meeting our needs was impressive. If you’re moving to San Francisco, look no further.” -Michael Ramsay, founder and CEO, TiVo

“She moved us!”~Ben Silbermann CEO, Pinterest

“We can’t say enough nice things about Wendy and the help she provided. We flew in from London and had a handful of days in which to find somewhere to live. Wendy showed us around a whole range of places, nearly all of which we would have been delighted to live in. She was switched on from the word go, gave us honest advice, made the search enjoyable and helped us navigate San Francisco’s crazy rental market. We ended up with our first choice apartment – which we truly love. When you hire Wendy to help you with your hunt, you don’t only get someone who knows the market like the back of her hand, but an instant friend to boot.”

-Tom Williams, Brunswick Group

“Wendy Willbanks has possibly the best aesthetic sense of any female I know.  A Realtor, Bay Area native and San Francisco social goddess, Wendy has come up with a company called She Moves You that does just that:  she will scrub Craigslist, attend all the open houses, etc. with your check and bio in hand, ready to pounce on the most tasteful rental property for the busy executive who doesn’t have the time or doesn’t want to face the ordeal of chasing this crazy rental market. Probably for the higher-end clientele who will understand the value of this service and want things handled in impeccable fashion.” 

~ JC

“As a busy professional with little precious time to manage my personal life, Wendy made everything easy. Her ability to listen and understand my needs, talent for marketing me as a candidate, and diligent follow through has made the process of finding home a happy journey. I didn’t know that such a service exists before meeting Wendy – innovative, bright, and warm are among the many qualities you will find when working with Wendy.”

Jen Sockolov

“Wendy helped with my move from NY to SF recently and she was professional and a joy to work with. She understood my needs and was very knowledgable about the different areas. I was very impressed with her dedication and followup. I would not hesitate to recommend her services. Thank you Wendy!”

Charlotte Brice

“Wendy is your trusted advocate when it comes to locating your new home. Renting in SF is completely crazy for anyone with a normal schedule and when she brought me a candidate for my rental in Pacific Heights, I was blown away. I had never seen such a perfect “New Tenant Prospective” package. Her and her client were perfect from A-Z and that was the biggest impetus for me when deciding amongst 6 applications for the apartment. She is value, value, and more value. If you’re curious about how she can make your life easier, and want results, reach out to her. Something tells me you’ll be more than surprised and happy with what you find.”

Chris Pessy

“ My wife and I hired Wendy for a move from San Diego to San Francisco. We had a tight timeline and a focus on a specific neighborhood. It was a very difficult search because we were intra-month and the market was experiencing a bubble with approximately one percent vacancy. Competing applicants were bidding above the asking price to secure a home. Wendy worked round-the-clock on very little sleep to personally spearhead our search. You will never question her persistence, work ethic, or dedication to her clients. Her optimism is contagious and her doggedness is admirable. We learned that hiring a personal relocation consultant such as Wendy created a signal to potential landlords that we were high quality prospective tenants. “

Mark C. Pydynowski